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With the development of science and technology today, we can watch movies online 123 in many places, by many methods. You can watch movies at the cinema, also watch movies at home on the website and other television services. Each form has different advantages and disadvantages. So, where to watch movies with high image quality and sound? Join us to learn more right now!

123 movies – The biggest movie website

You may not know, one of the movie addresses with high image quality and sound that many people use a lot is 123 movies. 123 movies is a website that operated by some people in Vietnam. This website owns a large number of dramas and movies from the UK to France, from China to Japan. Anyone can watch movies on 123 movies go. With friendly interface, 123 movies are loved by a lot of people.

Currently, because 123 movies provide movies for users to view freely. So, this website does not require users to register and allow users to freely access. However, this is the reason why this website often presents many serious problems during its operation.

To overcome this problem, the management system of this website has divided 123 movies into many different websites, such as,,, 123movies go, 123movies unblocked...

In March 2017, according to Alexa ratings, 123 movies ranked No.184 in the world and No.90 in the US. The number of people accessing 123 movies monthly is very regular, ranging from 98 - 100 million people per month.

If you are wondering where to watch high quality movies, try to experience the movies with great sound and image quality at 123 movies. You can search for your favorite movie at the search bar of this website.

What movies do you want, 123 movies have all of them. In addition to 123 movies, you can watch movies for free in many other ways. You can refer to below.

Are 123Movies safe and legal?

More and more people are using streaming websites. 123Movies free (new names are now 123movies GoMovies and GoStream) is one of the most popular sites, due to the wide selection of titles. So are 123Movies free safe and legal? You can find movies that have recently hit theaters. However, be careful when visiting these streaming sites, as many of them are illegal and can infect your computer with viruses and malware. The following 123Movies free and reviews will help answer any questions you have about this streaming site.

What are 123 Movies?

Put simply, 123 Movies is a video streaming site that allows users to stream pirated movies online. There are hundreds of similar websites.

In fact, Movies 123 is part of a network of dozens of cloned websites. Their current domain name is movies 123.lan but that is also likely to change.

123Movies unblocked and other streaming sites provide visitors with a large catalog of titles, including new releases. You do not need to login or create an account. You just need to click on the title you want to see and enjoy on your computer or internet connected device.

You can easily find most movies and TV shows on 123Movies. Besides the recent blockbusters that have just appeared in theaters, you can find titles from other popular streaming sites, such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.

Due to the diversity of content, 123Movies has become one of the most popular streaming sites. You can watch movies online 123 from the browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

There is also a 123Movies app for Roku and Kodu devices. However, there are still a few details that you should consider before visiting the website or installing the application.

Are Movies123 legal?

In fact, in most Western countries, it is illegal to display content that is not through a proper license. However, Movies123 and similar streaming sites generally operate elsewhere in the world. They are usually based on countries where there is no anti-piracy law or no strict copyright laws.

In fact, in most Western countries, it is illegal to display content that is not through a proper license. Source:

123Movies unblocked also employs a solution that helps them circumvent laws in some countries. Instead of hosting pirated content on their site, they link to pirated content. When you click on a movie, the content is streamed from a secure network key or other online source.

There is no question that Movies123 are illegal in the United States. They do not purchase licenses for the content they provide on their websites, regardless of the fact that they do not host that content.

Fortunately, there are still some legitimate and safe (free) online video streaming sites that you can still use. They may not have the latest popular movies and shows but at least won't get you in trouble.

Are 123Movies safe?

Is 123Movies safe for you to access and stream movies? Certainly not when you visit the right address

There are also many mirror sites that look very similar to 123Movies. These fake websites were created just to distribute malware and should be avoided. Viruses and malware are usually sent to your computer through JavaScript that is available on the website or through advertisements from the website.

If you choose to access the site, you should ensure that your device is protected with quality virus protection programs and firewalls.

Where can we watch Free movies?

Where can we watch free movies? In the time that technology is extremely developed, you have a lot of options for watching movies with different advantages and superior features. You can choose one of our suggestions below.

watch 123 free movies online


In fact, has changed its name to Movies123 and their newest online domain name is Some other domain names you can find online for this site are Gomovies123, 123movies4u,, etc. While looks good, almost all streaming sites that allow you to watch free movies are illegal. That is why Movies 123 has been hunted by the authorities and has been forced to change hosting service providers and change its name so many times.

I would not take risks by watching movies from those sites. Although you are an end user who can get out of lawsuits, the biggest risk is your device being infected with malware, viruses, ransomware, etc.

More and more people are using streaming websites and 123Movies (new names are now 123Movies GoMovies and GoStream) is one of the most popular sites. 

Additionally, people have reported that sometimes they receive pop-up messages to enter their credit card information. That means someone is trying to steal your financial information or personal data.


Crackle is owned by Sony Pictures, offering a wide selection of 123 free movies and TV shows from the Sony store. However, it is usually only available for a limited time. The website support advertisement, so you will feel very uncomfortable while watching the movie that the ad has interrupted.


PopcornFlix is a subsidiary of Screen Media Films. PopcornFlix has many indie films that are shown for free. However, similar to Crackle, PopcornFlix often allows a lot of advertising that presented while films is playing. In addition to the long films, the website also shows original movies.

Besides these websites, you can refer to 2 more ways to watch movies through Netflix movies, Amazon Prime Video.

Netflix Movies

Netflix Movies is a famous television service that has been available in many countries around the world. Netflix has the advantage of providing HD and Ultra HD viewing options. However, in some less developed countries, the cost that users have to pay for this service is quite high. In contrast, Netflix offers users a lot of other advantages.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a service quite similar to Netflix. However, Amazon Prime Video has many advantages and is preferred by many users.

If both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video can't meet your needs, check out other services like Hotstar and ErosNow, with a huge collection of Indian movies and TV shows. Both Hotstar and ErosNow are provided for free, which is definitely a great advantage that users are very interested.

Watch movies in theaters to experience the full movie

Many experts recommend watching movies in theaters to experience the full movie. Indeed, this is obvious and also the greatest benefit of going to the cinema. There are films that the main strength lies in the visuals, angles, 3D rendering techniques. These are all elements that are only shown maximumly with standard theater screens. Enjoy a movie in the cinema will allow you to experience the best of the work. That's the reason why science and technology have developed, but many people still choose to watch movies at the cinema.

There are many forms that you can choose to watch movies. However, depending on the preferences of each person, we can choose specifically. If you want to watch movies at home, try to experience with 123movies, you will definitely be satisfied with the quality and content of the movie.